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Listen to children's views

Opportunities to listen

Attend events for children and young people


  • a junior (ages 5 to 9) activity day
  • a children's (ages 10 to 15) activity day
  • the Care Leaver's Forum for ages 14 to 25

Read up on what children and young people think

Read what children and young people have said about Dorset's services in their annual satisfaction report.

Visit children and young people

Visit schools and youth groups in your ward regularly.

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Opportunities to act

Meet corporate parenting board members

Meet with corporate parenting board members and share what's happening in your ward. 

Contact the Corporate Parenting Officer at Dorset Council.

Attend CLiCC (Care Leavers (and children) in Care Council) events 

Attend CLiCC meetings and events to advise and support their projects and campaigns. 

Dorset Takeover Challenge 2020

Take part in the next Takeover Challenge where young people take over the role of adults and give you a different viewpoint on services. 

Book your ticket for the Dorset Takeover Challenge 2020!

Involve young people in improving services

Get young people involved in the scrutiny of services. 

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