Corporate parent spotlight

This is the corporate parenting spotlight guidance pack written by Dorset's Children in Care Council and Care Leavers' Forum.


We are Dorset's children, young people and care leaver's council. 

We are, or have been in care in Dorset. 

Our role is to help children and young people in care have a loud voice about decisions that affect them. We then work together to make things better with professionals and corporate parents.

This pack has been put together by us to help you. 

You'll find postcards, booklets and homework (!) with useful information.

We know child protection and social care processes can be confusing, with lots of different words that professionals use. We wanted to help you understand them and your corporate parenting duties. 

We invite you to attend our activities, forums and events so you can listen to what children and young people are saying about the services you're responsible for. 

Good luck and see you soon!

Care Leaver and Children in Care Council

Selina, Sophia, Hanna, Kayla, Charlotte, Charlie, Noah, Mel, Keiran, Adie, Hollie, Ronan, Zoe, Byron, Tiggy, Kelvin and Kelly.

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Find out what's expected of you.
CP how to listen to and act on yp views

How to listen to, value and act on children's and young people's views.
CP useful info

Handy links and bedtime reading for corporate parents.