Our Wildlife area has many different habitats and is home to a variety different species

Bird Hide

Our Bird hide provides the perfect opportunity to keep an eye on any activity going on.
It is surrounded by a small woodland and looks out onto a large pond, wood piles, bird feeders and nest boxes for birds and bats.
Goldfinches, woodpeckers, wagtails, robins, emperor dragonflies and bumble bees are regular visitors, while other sightings have included heron, foxes, nuthatches, siskin and willow warblers.

You can also view this area from cameras that are displayed in the Visitor Centre.

Sand Lizard Enclosure (Vivarium)

Infront of our Bird Hide is the Sand Lizard Enclosure (Vivarium), where rare sand lizards are nurtured as part of an important breeding programme.

On warmer days in Spring and Summer there is a good chance of seeing one, most likely basking on the logs when there is some sun.

During the school Summer holidays our rangers feed the lizards and can answer any questions you have for them.

Any eggs that are laid are carefully removed and given to Amphibian and Reptile Conservation who will incubate them, giving the youngsters that hatch a better chance of surviving their first Winter. 

The young are released on sites where populations have been struggling, which has included Hengistbury Head and sites in Hampshire.

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