Report a problem with a bus stop

Report a problem with a bus stops, shelter or electronic timetable.

We maintain most of the bus stops in the Dorset Council area but some bus shelters are owned and maintained by private companies or town and parish councils.

Bus stop requests

If you want to request a new bus stop, or want us to remove or relocate a bus stop, you must contact your local town or parish council. If they agree with the proposal, they will pass the request on to us to assess whether the proposed change can be made or not. 

Electronic bus stop signs

On-street displays at bus stops provide real-time passenger information which keeps you up to date with how the bus is running, in 'real-time.' 

What the display means

When a service is not running with real-time information, the scheduled departure time will be displayed, for example 12:39. When a bus is being tracked and that data is being fed to on-street displays, the departure time will count down in minutes, for example 5min. Once the vehicle has passed the stop, the service will disappear from the display.

If a tracked bus is stationary in traffic, whilst on service for more than five minutes, signs will reflect this by displaying 'delayed.'

If a bus is cancelled or terminated short of it's destination (part-cancelled) bus operators have the opportunity to cancel the service in the real-time system. Signs will reflect this by displaying 'cancelled' on all or part of the route as necessary.

Bus companies are responsible for supplying timetable data which is fed into the real-time system.

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