You must use Dorset Highways or a contractor who is authorised to work on the highway to put in a dropped kerb or widen an existing vehicle access to your property. All dropped kerbs must be licenced.

Is your property suitable for a dropped kerb?

To apply for a dropped kerb, you need to:

  • have a length of at least 5 metres between the back of the pavement (or top of your driveway) and your property, so that a vehicle can be parked on the driveway without overhanging the pavement
  • check if planning permission is needed and have it granted if you:
    • are constructing a driveway on your property
    • live on an A, B or C class road, in a conservation area, property with multiple occupancy or a listed building
  • get permission from the landowner if you live on a private road
  • request any parking restrictions to be changed (e.g. parking bays, residents parking) to make sure access to your driveway isn't blocked
  • be able to safely get on and off your drive (safe distance from junctions with good visibility in both directions)

Once we receive a licence application from the contractor, Dorset Highways will visit the site to check that it's suitable. If the site is suitable, your contractor will be notified and the work can start.

Dropped kerb licence fee

Dropped kerb licence fees are charged at £315.50.

Information for developers

If you are building a group of houses or other development and the new access is not covered by a section 38 or 278 agreement, please contact us to discuss what you have planned.

Request a quote from Dorset Highways

Request a quote for a dropped kerb from us. As a guideline, a typical 5 metre dropped kerb on a 1.8m wide footway costs around £2000.

Start now

Using a contractor to build a dropped kerb

You can use a third party contractor to construct a dropped kerb. You must make sure that they meet the following requirements:

  • be suitably qualified to work on the highway - this must include supervisor and operative qualifications recognised on the Street Works Register
  • have a minimum of £5 million public liability insurance suitable for highways work
  • apply for a licence from Dorset Council to allow them to work in the highway and contact us to let us know when the work will be done
  • follow our terms and conditions - the contractor is required to agree to these when they apply for a licence

You must pass on confirmation to the contractor that you have checked any planning consent, along with the reference if planning is required.

Dorset Highways will come out to inspect the work and make sure it has been done to our specification. If we are not informed about the work and it can't be checked, it could cause problems if you decide to move from your property.

Apply for a licence to construct a dropped kerb

You can apply for a licence if you are a contractor

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