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Guide to commenting

Before you make a comment please see our guide to commenting, explaining the kind of comments we can consider

Search and comment

View the Dorset Council's Planning Register, which contains the details of all planning applications, including Minerals and Waste.

Planning history searches

If you are unable to find what you are looking for using the searches above, or require a planning history search, you can contact us with the details and we will do a search for you. Your request to us must include a plan that clearly identifies the property or site. This can be a screenshot taken from a map, it doesn’t need to be an official document.  

Depending on the type of information or search you are asking for, there may be a fee of £100 (includes VAT) per site.  Requests can be sent by email to We aim to respond to requests within 10 working days of payment.

Map of planning applications

DorsetExplorer allows you to locate planning applications on a map. Use the address search, or the map drag and zoom controls to find the area you are interested in.

Contact us

Our response times are as follows:

  • 2 working days for telephone messages
  • 5 working days for emails and letters