Why do we monitor policies? 

We monitor the implementation and effectiveness of its adopted planning policies on an annual basis.

The purpose of monitoring is to assess whether:

  • policies are achieving their objectives, in particular, whether they are delivering sustainable development

  • policies have had unintended consequences

  • the assumptions and objectives behind policies are still relevant

  • the targets are being achieved

Document Description Date published or period covered
Five year housing land supply The purpose of this report is to confirm a five year land supply as part of the local plan examination process. May 2019
Housing monitoring report Includes affordable housing report and gypsies, travellers and travelling showpeople report. This also includes the five year housing land supply that has been updated in May 2019 (see above). January 2019
Economic monitoring report Monitoring data on the gains and losses of employment land, retail space and tourism accommodation. January 2019
Summary of Policy HS: Housing Supply 2016 to 2017 Reports on the progress of Policy HS: Housing Supply. 2016 to 2017
Housing Completions and Commitments 2017 Sets out where homes have been built in Purbeck's geographical areas. 2016 to 2017
Accessibility Monitoring Report Reports on the progress of Policy IAT: Improving Accessibility and Transport 2015 to 2016
Community Facilities and Services Sets out what new community facilities have been built or improved. April 2006 to March 2016
Purbeck Local Plan Progress Report - January 2017 Sets out how the council is doing in meeting its targets for the preparation of planning documents.

January 2017

Purbeck Neighbourhood Plan Progress Report - January 2017 Sets out the progress achieved on the preparation of neighbourhood plans across Purbeck. January 2017
Town centre pedestrian counts Reports how many people have visited Wareham and Swanage town centres on set dates since 2007. 2007 to 2014
Design Monitoring Report Monitors Policy D (Design) and Policy LHH (Landscape, Historic Environment and Heritage. April 2015 to March 2016
Water Quality and Flood Risk Sets out how the council is progressing with policies on water quality and flood risk. April 2011 to March 2016
Biodiversity Monitoring Report Monitors policies on areas of biodiversity and geodiversity importance and development contributions for heathland mitigation. April 2006 to March 2016
Sustainability Appraisal Monitoring Report Explains how we monitor our sustainability appraisals January 2017
Duty to co-operate Sets out what the council is doing to work jointly with neighbouring authorities to plan strategic growth. 2016
Transport Monitoring Report Full details relating to transport contributions and expenditure can be found in the CIL and S106 monitoring report 2015 to 2016
Community Infrastructure Levy All reports are available on our Community Infrastructure Levy webpage

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