The Borough of Christchurch Local Plan was adopted in March 2001. It set out detailed policies and specific proposals for the development and use of land in Christchurch Borough to 2011. Following the adoption of the 'Christchurch and East Dorset Local Plan Part 1 - Core Strategy' in April 2014, a significant number of policies contained in the 2001 Local Plan have been superseded.

Saved and deleted Local Plan policies

This page provides the text of the Borough of Christchurch Local Plan as adopted in March 2001. Also available is a schedule of the 2001 Local Plan policies which have been saved following adoption of the Core Strategy in April 2014 and those that are now deleted. The 2001 Local Plan Proposals Map has now been superseded by the Policies Map accompanying the Core Strategy.

Please note that the 2001 Local Plan should be read in conjunction with the schedule of saved local plan policies and the adopted Christchurch and East Dorset Local Plan Part 1 - Core Strategy (April 2014). Christchurch Borough Council and East Dorset District Council have also begun work on a review of the Local Plan. Together with the "saved" policies in the Christchurch Local Plan, we will fully review policies contained in the Local Plan Part 1 - Core Strategy and the "saved" policies in the East Dorset District Local Plan 2002, and consolidate these into a single plan.

Chapters from the Christchurch local plan