This page contains links to databases and documents summarising the consultation that informed the adopted West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland Local Plan.

Date Milestone Key Change Summary of Findings
February 2015

Consultation on Main Modifications to the Local Plan and CLG Household Projections

Consultation focused on Main Modifications arising from the Examination Hearing Sessions. Inspector also invites comments on implications (if any) of new household projections for the Local Plan. A summary Main Modifications consultation is available.
July 2014 Consultation on Further Proposed Changes (CD/SP5) Further Proposed Changes includes modifications to housing requirement, job numbers and the plan period. A summary Further Proposed Changes consultation is available.
August 2013 Consultation on proposed modifications (June 2013) shown as tracked changes (CD/SP2) Consultation focused on the modifications (tracked changes) only. The consultation responses were sent to the Planning Inspectorate to consider alongside the Local Plan.
January 2013 Consultation on an Alternative Strategy in response to Pre-Submission consultation (CD/CON10) To consult on a potential new housing site at Dorchester and reduced development on sites at Sherborne, Beaminster and Crossways. A summary of the findings from the Local Plan Alternative Strategy Consultation Summary is available.
November 2012 Alternative Sites Consultation (CD/CON8) Consultation on additional sites submitted by consultees at Pre-Submission stage. A summary of the findings from the Alternative Sites consultation is available.
June 2012 Consultation on pre-submission draft local plan (CD/SP1) First published draft of the Local Plan. A summary of the pre-submission consultation is available.
Autumn 2011 Extensive community and stakeholder consultation N/A A summary of the Autumn 2011 Consultation is available.