What to do if you see a burst pipe or water main

If you find a leak or burst pipe in your home, you should telephone a plumber immediately.

If you see a water leak or burst pipe in the road, on a pavement or any other place, you can call South West Water on 0844 346 2020. This service is available 24 hours a day.

Sembcorp Bournemouth Water and Wessex Water provide water locally and should be contacted for further water supply resilience information.

Power cuts and general electrical advice

SSE provide emergency contact telephone numbers for most electricity providers on their website. They also provide good practical advice and tips on how to best help you and your family during a power cut situation and other adverse conditions.

If problems with electrical supply are continued or extensive you should contact the National Grid for further advice and support.

Gas services

If you suspect a gas leak or unsafe gas equipment, call the National Gas Emergency Number for free on 0800 111 999.

Register as a vulnerable or high priority customer

For some people, their utility supply is very important. You may have important medical equipment that you rely on, or live in a house that is only heated by electricity.
You can let suppliers know that you are a vulnerable or high priority customer.
Contact Wessex Water Customer Care Plus and/or Southern Electric vulnerable customers registration


After you apply

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