Apply for a junior or middle school place to start in September 2022

You can apply for a junior or middle school place from 1 September 2021.

The closing date for applications is 15 January 2022. Any application or change made after this date will be classed as late. This means we will not consider it until after the on-time round.

We will let you know your outcome:

  • on 19 April 2022 if you applied on time (by 15 January 2022) 
  • on 13 May 2022 if you apply late (between 16 January and 18 April 2022) 
  • from June onwards if you apply after 18 April 2022

Before you apply:

  • if you live in Dorset (not Bournemouth, Christchurch or Poole), and pay your Council Tax to Dorset Council, apply to us for a Dorset junior or middle school place. You can check your local council area
  • if you live in Dorset and pay your Council Tax to Dorset Council and you want to apply for a school place in another local authority area, you still need to apply to us at Dorset Council
  • read our parents' guide for information about the different types of schools and how to apply
  • read the admissions policies for schools you're interested in; these can also be found on a school's website
  • check Dorset's Local Offer for information on support for children with special educational needs and disabilities

Find schools in your catchment area

To view your schools in your catchment area we will need your address. You can select it by entering your postcode:



Your stored address is:
Change the stored address to see information for a different location.

Or view schools by catchment area.

You may have to complete an additional form if you want to apply to religious schools. This is an extra form which should be sent to the schools themselves, unless stated differently, and is not instead of an application form.

The closing date for junior and middle school applications is 15 January 2022. If you apply after this date your application will be classed as late. 

For other year groups you should make an in year application.

Apply for a school place

List up to 3 schools in order of preference. One of these schools should be your catchment school, if there is one. You'll receive a confirmation email once you've submitted your application.

Make sure you've sent any required medical evidence to our schools admissions team. We can only consider your application based on the evidence you've submitted by the closing date.

Apply for a school place if your child has an educational, health and care (EHC) plan

You have to apply for a school place in a different way. Find out what to do if your child has an EHC plan.

If you can't apply online

If you can't apply online, fill in and return a paper application form, this should be posted by the closing date, make sure you include proof of posting:

Junior school

Middle school

Apply for a junior or middle school place in Christchurch

Go to the BCP Council webpage to apply for a place at a junior school in Christchurch if you're a BCP Council resident.

Making changes to your submitted application

If you want to make changes to your submitted application, you need to complete a change of preference form:

We process applications based on the information you give in your application. This means if you change your address after 15 January 2022, we'll process your application using the address you were living at on the closing date.

How we tell you about an offer of a junior or middle school place

We send out offers for all on-time applications for children starting junior or middle school by email on 19 April 2022.

Find details of how places have been allocated for the schools that are full on our school allocations page.

We will:

  • tell you about your transport entitlement by letter via email 
  • only discuss the information with the people listed on the application
  • let you know your outcome, unless your application is late 
  • send late application offers by email on 13 May 2022

We can't discuss available places at school as the number changes frequently.

Late applications

If you apply after 15 January 2022 we will class your application as late. This means we won't consider it until after the on time round. We will tell you about your offer of a school place from 13 May 2022.

If you apply after 18 April 2022 we cannot tell you about your offer of a school place until June 2022.

What to do when you have a school place offer

We automatically assume acceptance. If you wish to decline a school place offered or wish for your child to go on a waiting list we do ask parents and carers to respond by 3 May 2022 for on time applications and 27 May 2022 for late applications.

You must provide us with the reason as to why you are declining the school place. You can only request for your child to be added to a particular school's waiting list if you've already applied for this school and been refused a place at it.

Find out more about school waiting lists