Dogs that attack people, livestock or assistance dogs must be reported to the Police by dialling 101. They are the investigating body for these incidents.

A dog on dog attack will be dealt with by the Dog Warden Service who will mediate between parties. Most minor cases are dealt with by means of an advice letter to the offending party, however, there are various legislative options available to us.

Where a dog is dangerously out of control in a public place, we may be able to take action to deal with the incident to prevent it happening again. This is not possible where the name and address of the dog owners involved are not supplied.

In moderate and persistent cases legislation allows the Dog Warden Service to place reasonable restrictions on aggressive dogs. These restrictions may stipulate certain conditions with regard to handling and containing the dog. If these are not complied with and attacks continue there is a possibility for the dog to be considered dangerously out of control and as such may lead to a hearing in a Magistrates Court. The Court may decide to formalise any restrictions, or may even consider the destruction of the dog as a last resort.

Report a dangerous dog

You will need to register on our online portal to report a dog on dog attack to our Dog Warden Service.

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