Heathland wardens patrol the heaths in conjunction with heathland managers. Wardens work with local communities and partners to promote responsible use of the heathland sites. Wardens liaise with local Police and Dorset Fire and Rescue Service to mitigate incidents on the heaths.

Contact us for more information. 

Urban Heaths Partnership Project Officer

Email: urbanheaths@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk
Tel: 01202 642787
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Volunteer with the Dorset Open Spaces Watch

You can volunteer to help Dorset Police and the Urban Heaths Partnership to protect the heathland, forests, fields and beaches of Dorset.

Our goal is to form a network of volunteers who use Dorset's open spaces for dog walking, mountain biking, relaxation, bird watching and other activities to let us know of any issues or misuse of these spaces and to be an early warning system for a fire on the heath.

Dorset Open Spaces is a central point for all open space user groups who care for the countryside of Dorset to come together and share information and keep up to date with events, working alongside Dorset PoliceDorset Fire and Rescue Service, Dorset Council, Urban Heaths Partnership, Horse Watch, Dog Watch, Dorset Dogs, Heath Watch and Poole Harbour Watch.

How to join us

Join our closed Facebook group to interact with other users, exchange information and arrange events. 

Dorset Open Spaces is on Dorset Alert. Dorset Alert is a two way community messaging system operated by Dorset Police, which allows us to exchange information with you by email or phone at no cost to you. It is an interactive messaging system that will provide updates and information about the heaths, forests, beaches and open spaces of Dorset. We send out regular information and messages that may be of interest, or will help Dorset Police solve a crime. Register to join.

How to identify a member

Dorset Open Spaces members wear a blue wrist band to identify each other and help visitors to the area identify them as a source of local knowledge. The band will also help emergency services identify people at the scene of an incident who may have a deeper local knowledge of an area and be able to assist in an emergency.

Dorset Open Space user groups

We are working in partnership with the following groups, who you can join:

To link your group to Dorset Open Spaces or if you would like more information please contact Sgt Adrian Thompson on adrian.thompson@dorset.pnn.police.uk or phone 101.

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