The Urban Heaths Partnership (UHP) offers free educational activities and information to schools through talks or visits to local heathland sites. These involve exploring heathland habitats and wildlife to understanding the consequences of fires. The project area covers south east Dorset.

Activities are led by the UHP Education Officer and are linked to the National Curriculum through a wide range of subjects. 

Heath visits

Heath visits encourage an understanding of the history and ecology of the local area and an appreciation of the importance of heathlands.

Many of the activities can be adapted for classes or groups of varying ages. Some of the more popular activities are:

  • earth walks - involving most of the senses
  • woolly worms - looking at camouflage in nature
  • minibeasting - searching through the heath for the mini beasts
  • pond dipping - to discover what lives under water
  • plant surveys - looking at the different wet and dry environments, or even the affects of arson

Book an activity or visit

Schools and groups can request an education visit by the UHP Education Team. All education visits and activities are free.

Contact the UHP Education Officer for more details or to arrange a heath visit.

Urban Heaths Partnership Education Officer

Tel: 01202 642785
Full contact details

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