Dorset Council was formed on 1 April 2019 and replaced the county, district and borough councils for this area. It is responsible for providing local services and the leaflet enclosed with your bill explains how the council spends its money, its priorities for the future and how it’s trying to protect services for residents.

Your bill shows the amounts charged by Dorset Council, Dorset Police & Crime Commissioner, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Authority and your Town/Parish Council (if appropriate) for the services they provide.

Adult Social Care (ASC)

Government has allowed councils, who are responsible for providing ASC, to increase their Council Tax again this year. The funds raised by the ASC precept are ring-fenced to use for the provision of Adult Social Care services.

Your bill shows the figures relating to both general expenditure and the Adult Social Care (ASC) precept; each are accompanied by a percentage change figure. The Council has chosen to increase both precepts by 1.9954% (shown rounded to 2% on your bill)

The percentage increase for the ASC element is calculated on the combined total of the Dorset Council and Adult Social Care charges from last year's bill. Whilst we understand this looks different to how other percentage increases are displayed, the bills have been calculated correctly, in accordance with regulations and guidance, and should be paid as requested.

How it is calculated

The following example shows how the ASC precept has been calculated for 2020-21 based on a Band D property. The principle of calculation is the same for all bands.

Shown at the bottom of your new bill

2019/20 (£)

2020/21 (£)


Dorset Council



1.9954% (2% rounded)

Adult Social Care Precept



1.9954% (2% rounded)

Combined total




In this example the combined total from 2019/20 is £1,629.75 and the percentage change figure that is shown on the bill is 2% for both ASC and Dorset Council general expenditure.
The ASC increase shown for 2020-21 is calculated based on the total Dorset Council combined Total charge for 2019-2020 (in this example, £1629.75).

The ASC precept increase is calculated as follows:

£1,629.75 x 1.9954% = £32.52.

£32.52 + £102.03* = £134.55 (*2019-20 ASC charge).

This amount is then added to the 2019-2020 ASC precept of £102.03 as this is a cumulative charge:

£62.22 (2017/18 ASC charge) + £39.81 (2018/19) + £32.52 (this year’s increase) = £134.55.

Note - there was no ASC increase in 2019/20.

South Perrott and Axe Group Parish – dissolution

As a result of the dissolution of the South Perrott and Axe group Parish council in 2019 two new parish councils were formed - Chedington Parish Council and South Perrott Parish Council.

Each parish has a Parish Council precept levied and the percentage change for each area has been separately calculated. The changes are based on the actual differences from 2019/20. For further information refer to your Parish Clerk.

More information about Dorset Council’s spending plans for 2020-2021.

See more information on previous years Adult Social Care.

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