You are a relevant child (or relevant care leaver) if you:

  • are aged between 16 and 17
  • have been looked after by Children's Services for at least 13 weeks since the age of 14. The 13 weeks does not need to have been all in one go
  • have been looked after for at least one day after your sixteenth birthday
  • have now left the care of Children's Services

How we can support you as a relevant care leaver

Help if you're in custody (and aged between 18 and 25)

We will send £10 per week to your prison account. 

If you're still under 25 when you're released contact us to find out about other support we can give you.

Your Personal Adviser as a relevant care leaver

When you turn 16 you'll meet your Personal Adviser. 

Your Personal Adviser is there for you to:

  • provide information, advice and practical support
  • make sure you have a Pathway Plan and that you're involved in writing it
  • keep updated about your progress and wellbeing
  • keep accurate records of your work together
  • provide information about finance and housing options
  • offer support with finding further education, employment or training
  • keep in touch with you

Your Pathway Plan as a relevant care leaver

You will have a Pathway Plan if you're an eligible, relevant or former relevant care leaver.Your Pathway Plan sets out the support we provide for you.

Your Pathway Plan should include information on:

  • how we keep in touch with you and how often
  • how your health needs should be met
  • what support you need to be in education, training or employment
  • who you want to keep in touch with
  • what support you need with your independence skills
  • what help you need to manage your money and to understand how to budget
  • your plans for where you want to live and what help you need with this

Your Pathway Plan will be reviewed:

  • if you want it to be
  • if your Personal Adviser thinks it needs to be reviewed
  • at least every 6 months

Your Pathway Plan should always include your views, wishes and feelings. You should have your own copy of your Pathway Plan. Other people can also be involved in your Pathway Plan.