Your Child in Care (CIC) review

A CIC review (used to be called a Looked After Child (LAC) review) is a meeting of people involved in looking after you. At the review everyone discusses your care plan.

An Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO) leads your review meeting. With your IRO you can:

  • talk about your views and wishes about how you're being looked after
  • talk about the plans being made for your future care
  • have time to write to them, or meet them separately as part of your review

All of this helps to make sure you have time to say what you think and what's important for you.

You can choose whether you want to go to your review or not. You can bring a supporter or an advocate with you to the review. There are also other people who could come to your review, including:

  • your social worker
  • the people who are looking after you
  • your parents or carers

Sometimes we might talk to other important people like your doctor or teacher about your progress and development as part of your review process. They don't normally need to come to your review meeting, but they can provide written contributions.

We try to make sure your review meeting is small and informal so it's easier for you to feel comfortable about being there. 

Ask for the notes at the end of the meeting so you know what has been agreed.

Your views matter, share them

Complete the young person's form

You can ask for a Child in Care review any time you feel you need one. Give us your thoughts for your next review.

Complete the family members' form

As a family member you can add your views for a Child in Care review.

Complete the carer's or professional's form

Carer's or professional's form to contribute to a Child in Care review.

Contact the CIC Central Business Support Team if you have any problems using the forms.

You have influence over where the meeting is and who you invite or un-invite. 

Find out more in our short video:

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