How to organise a community litter pick in Dorset

Litter is a growing problem that affects countryside and urban areas alike. In the last year alone, an estimated 25 million tonnes of rubbish were dropped in Britain. This litter is more than an eyesore that spoils the environment - it's also a hazard to pets and wild animals. Last year 69,000 animals were killed or injured in Britain due to litter.

You can  download information on how to organise a community litter pick as well as find help with carrying out a  risk assessment.

Safety warning

Litter-picking should not be carried out in areas where there is a high risk to participants. This includes highways, or within close proximity to cliffs or riverbanks.

Contact details

After reading our guide, you can get help setting up a community litter pick in your own part of Dorset by contacting one of the following:

Operations Manager - North and East Dorset

Name: David Nichols
Tel: 01202 971390
Full contact details

Operations Manager - West Dorset

Name: Ian Brewer
Tel: 01305 224880
Full contact details

Operations Manager - Weymouth and Portland

Name: Mike Haines
Tel: 01305 225462
Full contact details

Operations Supervisor - Purbeck

Name: Robin Hildreth
Tel: 01929 555951
Full contact details

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