Dorset Council do not formally suspend bus stops, or provide a temporary alternative when they are affected by temporary activities on the highway.

Promoters are expected to contact the operators who serve that stop and when the operator is in general agreement with the proposals, the operator should arrange publicity to inform their customers. Operators should also be able to site a temporary stop elsewhere so long as it is safe to do so.

Finding out which operators serve a stop

Go to Google Maps. Bus stops with a service should be indicated by a blue bus icon. Click the icon to see details for that stop including names of operators at the bottom of the left pane.

  • if you cannot locate the bus stop on the map or there are no operator details, please contact us
  • use contact details if you know the name of the operator(s) you need to approach

If a bus stop has a real-time departure board

A Promoter can notify Dorset Council who can arrange for the live departures to be removed for the duration of the activity. We would ideally prefer at least one weeks' notice of this request. The Promoter will need to notify us if the works are prolonged beyond the original activity end date and when the bus stop is back in use again.

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