A Planning Virtual Public Inquiry is taking place from 10am Tuesday 5 April 2022. Currently scheduled for 5 days. Please note the inquiry sitting days will be 5, 6, 7 April and Monday 11, 12 April 2022.  Friday 8 April - Site visit

Planning Inspectorate Reference: APP/D1265/W/21/3289314

Site Address: Land at North of Crown Road, Marnhull, Dorset

Planning Application: 2/2018/1124/OUT

Case Officer Contact at the Planning Inspectorate: Kerr Brown Tel: 0303 444 5000. Further information email: kerr.brown@planninginspectorate.gov.uk

View the provisional inquiry timetable.

Contact for Dorset Council appeals administration is Nicola Matthews Tel: 01305 838336 Email nicola.matthews@dorsetcouncil.gov.uk

Reason for inquiry

Appeal by Cicero Estates against Dorset Council’s refused planning permission of Outline Planning Application 2/2018/1124/OUT to develop land by the erection of 72 No. dwellings and new community facilities. (Outline application to determine access and layout).

An inspector appointed by the Secretary of State will hold an inquiry, opening on the date shown above to decide the appeal. The inquiry will be held as a virtual event run by an inspector in the normal way, but with the parties invited to join via Microsoft Teams or telephone.

Anyone wishing to participate in the inquiry, must make their interest known to the Planning Inspectorate Case Officer as soon as possible, prior to the inquiry, either by email or telephone after reading the inquiry attendance information set out in the full site notice.

Sitting days: 5, 6, 7 April 2022 - Join the meeting

Sitting days: 11, 12 April 2022 - Join the meeting

The decision on the appeal will be published on the Planning Inspectorate's website.

Documents relating to the Inquiry as follows:

Other documents relating to the application, including all representations received are available online on the council website (under 2/2018/1124/OUT). We will endeavour to post any relevant news or updates, however, please contact the Planning Inspectorate if you have any queries.

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