The online application form is divided into 4 sections:

About your organisation

We will ask you:

  • details about your organisation e.g. name, address, and contact details
  • what type of organisation are you?
  • what is your organisations charity or company number (if appropriate)?
  • how many members/no- members do you have?
  • when was your organisation formed?
  • what are the aims of your organisation?
  • what’s your organisations annual income?
  • does your organisation own the facility or building you are seeking capital funding for?
  • which of our themes best describes your organisation – are you a sports club, museum, village hall, arts group, town council or community group?

About you

What we will ask you:

  • your name, position in the organisation
  • contact details (including postcode)
  • contact telephone number
  • email address (if you have one)

Supporting documents

You must upload the following mandatory documents:

  • copy of your governing document; set of rules; or constitution
  • copy of your Asset Lock statement and charitable objectives clause (CIC’s only)
  • copy of your Public Liability Insurance
  • copy of your Employers Liability Insurance (if appropriate)
  • copy of your Safeguarding Policy

Project details

We want to know about the capital project you are planning and why you are applying to Dorset Council. We want to know:

  • what you are applying for eg. improvements to your facilities; refurbishment; new build project
  • why your project is needed. The aim of the fund is to support organisations to deliver projects which provide new and improved facilities for our communities and residents
  • if you have consulted with anyone about your project
  • which Dorset Council priorities your project will meet
  • how much funding you are applying for
  • what the projected costs will be for your project or building
  • start and completion dates (if known)
  • how much you have (intend) to raise towards your project and if you are working with any other partners
  • whether your project requires planning permission and who owns the building, venue, club, or community space
  • who will benefit from any funding - which groups will use it, how many participants, or visitors will attend and what age groups will they be in
  • how you will monitor and evaluate your project to show us how you’ve met our priorities in your application

Supporting documents

Mandatory documents we will require:

  • A financial projection of the project or your organisation.
  • Copy of your lease or title deeds for the building
  • Letter of support from your governing body of sport (sports clubs only)
  • Copy of permission from property services or your landlord to develop your building or improve it
  • Copy of tender documents, estimates or quotes for works (if appropriate)
  • Copy of planning permission (if appropriate)


  • Copy of your Project Enquiry Form (projects under £250,000) or Expression of Interest Form (projects over £250,000) from National Lottery Community Fund


We want to understand the costs for your project (building), and how you intend to raise the funds. We will need to know:

  • Build costs
  • How much funding you have raised or intend to raise towards the project including any secured funds
  • If you are in receipt of any grants from Dorset Council for any commissioned services that you deliver
  • If you have any existing loan repayments or agreements that we need to take into consideration
  • If your project (building) will have any increases in revenue or running costs that may affect the financial sustainability of your organisation

Supporting documents

Mandatory documents we will require are:

  • Copy of your organisations last two years of approved accounts (newly established organisations) only require copies of last 12 months accounts
  • Copies of your last 3 months bank statements (within last 3 months)
  • Copy of your Business Plan
  • Copies of any loan agreements / grant repayments on your building
  • Copies of any grant offers received from other funders

Supporting documents and declaration

This is the final section for completion. You will be required to sign the declaration and upload some additional ‘mandatory’ documents and then submit your completed application.

You will then receive an email notification from us confirming receipt of your application, a unique number for your application starting CLF…and a PDF copy of your application for your records.

Mandatory documents we will require are:

  • Copy of your organisations General Data Protection Regulations Policy
  • Copy of your Equality & Diversity Policy
  • Copy of your Environmental Policy or statement

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